Russian land registry meddled with, may become off limits, says opposition

The Russian property registry may look somewhat different in the very near future, with Russian journalists, opposition leaders and now international organizations such as Transparency International and Radio Free Europe pointing to altered records--which include the deletion of "expensive properties" owned by Russia's political class.

Radio Free Europe added that the "Russian intelligence community is pushing draft legislation that would curb access to personal information in public real-estate records, thus shielding these details from inquisitive journalists and the broader public."

The changes appear to be a reaction to the Panama Papers scandal, which has hit political noteworthies across the globe, and Radio Free Europe also pointed to links to Putin's inner circle with regard to the Panama leak.
The property register issue has also been highlighted by the anti-corruption opposition led by Aleksei Nawalny, with the group stating that Kirill S., a billionaire believed to be Putin's son-in-law had seen his residence effectively delisted from the registry.

On a wider scale, a push to shut down access to the registry has been fronted by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). While this targets real estate, it also includes luxury  items, such as yachts and planes.